Useful Resources & Links

Building Codes Division (State of Oregon)
This site gets you to several other links, including, Training and Education, Interpretations, Rules and Statutes, Publications, Public notices, Program review, Permits, Jurisdictions, Forms, Division information, Compliance, Code Programs, Certifications, and Board information.

This site may be useful for some members. They publish several articles and also have information on Standards and listing of publications.

National Fire Protection Association
The leading information and knowledge resouce on fire, electrical and related hazards.  Digital access to codes, standards, and updates.

Oregon Building Codes Division - Oregon Electrical Specialty Code Adoption
The source for the 2021 Oregon Electrical Specialty Code adoption and Table 1-E, the Adopted Amendments to the 2020 NEC.

This is the home page to PPL.

Portland General Electric
This is the home page to PGE. They have some useful information on programs and products.

Underwriters Laboratories
This site has information Standards and certifications and other current articles that they publish.  A free membership is required for access.

Washington Department of Labor and Industries
Individuals can send certifications and other licensing information to the State of Washington using this website.